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Butterfly Kite available soon at Costco

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X Kites kite safety tips: Never fly near tall buildings or trees. Never fly over people. Never fly near an airport. Never fly near busy streets. Never fly near overhead power lines. Never try to retrieve your kite from power lines. Call your local power company for assistance. Never fly in thunderstorms. Never use your hand to slow down the winder! In stronger wind, release line slowly and with caution. Use both hands to let line out. Do not allow your winder to spin freely.
2023 X Kites Costco Kites Assortment with banner stating Supersized Nylon Kites, graphics of the butterfly kite, three headed dragon kite, sitting unicorn kite, manta ray kite, F-14 fighter jet kite, and owl kite from this assortment over a sky background and the x kites logo at the bottom


Click here to download the Butterfly Kite Assembly Instructions PDF.

Costco Assortment

Ready to fly! Easy to assemble and very stable.

SkyTails®, TriWinder® handle, and PrismaLine® kite string included!

Size: 60" Wingspan

Sail Material: KiteTex® Ripstop Fabric

Airframe: Fiberglass

Age Rating: 8 to Adult

Wind Range: 7-18 MPH

Item #: 8-43258-84637-8

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